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Benefits of Baby Spa for Little Kids Growth

Now baby spas are a popular baby care choice. Massage and water therapy are the most common activities found in baby spas. Baby spa can be done since the baby was a few days old until he was 8-9 months. Baby spa is actually a place that offers a series of physical therapies, such as massage and water therapy for babies. Baby spas can help children get the experience of relaxation and stimulation to support their growth and development Baby Spa Choices and Benefits Water massage and therapy are believed to be able to stimulate the baby's motor development, and if done with parents, this activity can strengthen the bond between parents and babies. Choose baby spa treatments performed by trained personnel, so that they are safer and have the maximum benefits. There are several treatments that can be done at a baby spa and each has different benefits. The following is the explanation: Massage therapy for babies Massage therapy is one treatment that can be done at a baby spa.
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Recognize the Causes of Bloody Eyes and Conditions to Look Out For

Bloody eyes are often considered scary, because it impresses eyes that ooze like a horror film. That assumption is clearly wrong, because what is meant by bloody eyes here is the condition of the blushing of the whites. One of the causes of bleeding eyes is subconjunctival bleeding. This condition will usually disappear on its own in about 2 weeks. However, if the bloody eye is experienced to disrupt the function of vision, medical examination and treatment is required. Various Causes of Bloody Eyes The conjunctiva is a thin transparent and moist membrane that covers the sclera and eyelids. In this section, there are nerves and many small blood vessels that are rather fragile (the walls are easily damaged or broken). Rupture or damage to blood vessels in this section often causes the appearance of bloody eyes. Generally, bloody eyes occur spontaneously without apparent cause. However, there are several things that can trigger bloody eyes, namely: Impact or injury to the eye are

Mother, Postpone Immunization If Your Child Has Experienced It

Vaccination or immunization is indeed important to protect children from dangerous diseases. However, there are special conditions in children who make giving this vaccine should be postponed. Come on, see more. There is an assumption that vaccination should not be given first to an unhealthy child. However, Mother actually needs to recognize first, whether the illness suffered by Little is severe enough so that they must postpone immunization, or relatively mild and still allowed immunization. Minor Pain that Immunization is Still Allowed Children who are mildly ill are actually still allowed to get vaccinated. Therefore, mild illness will not affect the body's response to immunization. Generally children can still be immunized with the condition: Mild fever, less than 38 degrees Celsius. Ear infection or otitis media. Mild diarrhea. Cough or runny nose. Are taking antibiotics. Have experienced seizures or epilepsy. Babies born prematurely. But if in doubt, you sho